Clouds Remind Me of Home


One of my favorite places in the world is my parents farm.

As I was growing up I was always an outdoorsy kid. I spent so much time playing in the creeks, attempting to climb trees, and building forts with my brother.

My family used to go on walks across the fields, and up on top of the hill across from the house in the summer evenings. I felt like I was on top of the world there. The sky went on forever it seemed standing at the highest point of their land. The clouds were always beautiful as the sun would start to set.

There were many days when I would just lay down in the grass right in the front yard,  and watch the clouds. It is hard not to watch the beauty of the clouds and thank God for his creation.

Clouds make me think of home, the sun getting low in the sky, the cool evening air after a hot summer day, and great times with my family.

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