Polynesian Ivy

Today I came home from work and grocery shopping, tired after a really long Monday. I went to put the food in the fridge, I looked up, and there was a beautiful plant hanging on the hook above the fridge! I said ” Where did that come from?” Chris responded that he had gone to Lowes to find me something, and that was what he found. He used part of his birthday gift money to get me something nice. 🙂 of course that completely made my day! Ever since we moved in I had been looking at the empty hook on the ceiling above the fridge, thinking we needed a plant to put there. I love my husband! He is the best.


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  2. It is so kind of your husband to buy you a gift with his birthday money. He is so sweet, kind and thoughtful. It is a lovely hanging potted plant. Now when you look up in the kitchen, you will be reminded of him…maybe that was his intention 😉

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