Shout Out Saturdays: Remembering How To Laugh, “R U OK” day

Hi everyone, and Happy Saturday!
I hope you are all enjoying a lazy, relaxing day at home watching TV like I am!

This week I wanted to share a post by a new blogger that I came across this week:  hermentalhealthadventures

This post hit very close to home for me as my husband has been really struggling lately with his depression, anxiety, and mood disorder.

Hermentalhealthadventures talks about her personality disorder, and the struggles she goes through every day to cope with her disorder. This post is really important, as it highlights the importance of being a true friend to those in your life who may be struggling with their own mental health adventure. Just being there for them or asking “R U OK?” may be just what someone in your life needs to keep going. Please visit her blog! I highly recommend it, and I will be following along with her posts.

Lets bring some awareness to those around us that mental health disorders affect so many, and that it is important to be supportive of those we love, especially when they are suffering from mental health disorders. 

The link to the post is below! Please share this post if someone you love is struggling with mental health.

Have a great day!



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