Six Journal Ideas to Increase Happiness!

  1. Start a gratitude journal.

Writing down what you are thankful for is a good way to keep your mind on the positives of your life. It can be anything from what you had for lunch, or how thankful you are for family members and loved ones. When you are having a particularly crummy day you can always look back at other entries as a reminder of the wonderful blessings in your life!


2. Keep an art or doodle journal.

Expressing your thoughts and feelings through art is a very satisfying feeling. You don’t have to have artistic skills to have an art journal. You can sketch or draw something that you see, make doodles or stick figures, or if you are feeling adventurous you could try zentangle! However you choose to reveal your artistic side, it will surely make you feel happy!


3.  Write a chronicle of your daily life.

Put your feelings, thoughts and experiences down on paper. In a few years you can read the journals you wrote and remember what your life was like at this point. Share the good times and the bad. This is a great way to separate yourself from worry and stress, by putting your feelings on paper. Once you write these things down it helps open your mind to the positives in your life. Maybe one day your family members will get to read all the journals you wrote. That is a great way to preserve history!


4. Write a love journal with your spouse or significant other

Keep your love strong by writing a journal together of the things you love about each other! This will definitely make your heart flutter when you read the sweet and romantic things your love has to say about you. Sometimes writing your feelings is easier than saying them. This is a great way to open up the lines of communication in a positive way!


5. Keep a creative writing journal.

This is my favorite! I love to jot down fiction stories and poems. This is a great way to get your creativity flowing. I use some writing prompts and I also write whatever wisp of a story may pop into my mind at any given time. A small journal is best so that you can keep it with you. A creative writing journal is a great way to help expand your imagination! You never know one day you could be a bestselling author!



6. Start a dream journal.

The type of dream journal could be either a record of your nightly dreams, or one where you record your hopes and dreams. Over time your dreams will change, but you will have this journal to look back on to see how your dreams have evolved.


No matter which idea sparks your interest, journaling is an important self care routine that helps you grow as a person. Everyone needs time to themselves.  Journaling is sure to help you maintain a happy mood!

Happy journaling!


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