Birthday and Re-launch Day!!! (giveaway details inside)

Hi everyone!

Today is one year since my blogging  journey began. To celebrate I have updated my blog look, gotten a logo, and have lots of new content planned!

My intent with this blog is to help bring positivity into your life. In today’s world there just is so much negative. It is very easy to let the negative take over your life.

Next Monday, I will be releasing my ebook: Let your Happiness Bloom: a guide. I started writing this with the purpose to share some life lessons that have helped transform me into a positive and happy person! I will be sending my ebook to all subscribers to my blog!

Today, I am doing a giveaway! I made this really cool bracelet from bamboo cord, some lava beads which are great for essential oil diffusing! I am just asking that you subscribe to my blog, and then share my post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc) if you are already a subscriber please share the post on 2 social media platforms to enter! I hope it will be a daily reminder to choose happiness to whomever the lucky winner will be!!!!!  The winner will be announced on Friday. You can enter until Wednesday!

Also stay tuned for my next post later today: Nature Can Improve Your Health: 5 Reasons to Get Outside!

Please help me share my message of positivity with the world by sharing my posts, and subscribing to my blog! Plus you have a chance to win this cool eco friendly bracelet I made!!! There is lots of new content to come!  Thank you for checking out my updated site and I hope you will visit again soon!

Stay positive!


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