Nature can Improve Your Health: 5 Reasons to Get Outside!

Nature can truly help improve your health, both physically and mentally!

I just get this amazing feeling when I am outside in nature, in the late evening as the sun is setting. There is nothing quite like it! The air is fresh, it leaves you feeling invigorated. The sunlight casts a golden glow on the landscape. I think that being outside in nature is where we were meant to spend a majority of our time, not in office buildings or houses, staring at screens all the time. Unfortunately, modern life doesn’t allow much time for the enjoyment of the great outdoors. Today I wanted to share a few reasons to get out there and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air!


Surrounding yourself with the beauty of nature can boost your mood.

There is a reason we love art so much, and that interior decorating is such a large industry. Humans are drawn to beauty. We need to be surrounded by things that pique visual interest. What better way to do that than to be out in the world, surrounded by grass, trees, mountains, rivers, or the ocean! There is something about the sight of mountains on the horizon that simply calms me. There are no oppressive walls in nature, just the earth, the sky and everything in between!

Walking or hiking in nature is good for your health, plus it produces endorphins which make you happy!

Let’s face it, a majority of us just do not spend enough time being active. Especially me! I sit at a desk all day long. I am sitting at a desk right now! Then I sit in my car to drive home, where I sit on the sofa to eat dinner and relax. I love to sit! Unfortunately, the more time I sit the rounder my figure becomes. I have found it much easier to keep moving outside. There are places to explore, sights to see, and you cannot do that from your seat!

Exercise produces endorphins which help make you happy. The rise of depression and mental health problems is probably related to the increased amount of time we spend sitting inside on our behinds, stuffing ourselves with food filled with preservatives. Humans used to hunt their meat, harvest their veggies, and sleep under the stars at night. We were not closed inside of walls, with stale air, and pumping our bodies full of chemicals.

Fresh air is good for your body, mind, and spirit!

If you live in a big city filled with smog, there may be limited options for fresh air. So this idea may not be for you. However for much of the world there are still many places to get out in nature and breathe air that is relatively pollutant free. Inside the air is stale, and often the allergens such as dust and mold just recirculate over and over. In the great outdoors there is also dust and mold, and even pollen, but the earth has it’s own way of purifying the air. The fresh air outside is much healthier than the air in your house or apartment. The fresh air can help you breathe easier, feel better, and clear your mind!

Getting some sun will increase your vitamin D levels!

I am guilty of too much time spent inside. If I try to spend time outside without sunscreen I look like a lobster! So please wear sunscreen if you have sun sensitive skin! Spending time in the sun, is the best way to increase your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is essential to your body’s absorption of calcium, which keeps your bones and teeth strong. Vitamin d deficiency can lead to depression, stomach problems, and obesity. These are 3 strong reasons to get outside and get some sun!

Being out in nature helps you de-stress

Being out in nature fosters a sense of freedom. The sky is such a large expanse that it helps us feel less confined. A lot of people suffer from claustrophobia, going outside in an open area can instantly relieve those symptoms.If you are an introvert like me, being around a lot of people can be overwhelming. Getting outside can help you get away from crowds, and you can escape into the woods on a hiking trail, and revert into a world full of your thoughts and dreams!

This week I challenge you to get outside, walk a bit, breathe deeply, and just enjoy the beautiful nature around you! feel free to comment your adventures and pictures!!!! 🙂

Stay positive!






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