Sweet Little Friend

Sometimes you just need a friend that will accept you no matter what!

We all need unconditional love, and that is exactly what my husband and I get from our little fur baby Lexy! We got her to be my husband’s companion, but she has become so much more! She follows us around the house, snuggles, plays, and keeps us company. She is so smart! There is nothing like the love of a dog.

Anyone who struggles with any kind of mental health disorders should consider adopting a pet to be their companion.

Pets can truly enhance your life and help you to cope with stress, anxiety and depression. Many dogs instinctively know when their person is experiencing some type of discomfort. They can help make you feel better!!!!


Lexy loves everyone that she meets. She somehow knows when we are getting visitors and waits staring at the door for them to arrive! It is impossible to stay mad at her! She has truly made a difference in our life! We love her so much!!!

Feel free to share your pet photos in the comments I would love to see them!!! 🙂

Stay positive!


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